An open source, digitally fabricated microhouse

FOUNDhouse is a 150 ft2 CNC-made microhouse built with the Wikihouse structural system. We share all the design and fabrication files needed to build your own.



We believe a small lifestyle is a responsible way to approach domestic life. A small home helps makes us conscious of the things we own; makes us choose with intention what we spend our money, our time, and our energy on.


Making the design accessible means making the construction simpler. Assembly of the structure requires no specialized tools or training. We've attempted to make components that can only be put together one way, minimizing mistakes.


Open source and open copyright. All FOUNDhouse designs are licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license. This means you are free to use, adapt and redistribute the work, as long as you credit the authors who your work is built on.


Using a digital model linked to parametric softwares allows for easy adaptation for house size, orientation, site conditions, climate, etc. It also makes fabrication more efficient and more repeatable.


FOUNDhouse is an open project by FNDRY.

Patrick Beseda

Patrick is a designer and maker focused on the digital design of real things.

Lacy Williams

Lacy values functionality and the ways it intersects with art to produce our built environment.